Dare to Ride – Edinburgh to Kenya by Bike

08 Jun 2011 3 Comments

Welcome to the online home of Dare to Ride, my impending cycle trip from Edinburgh to Isiolo in Kenya.

Along the route, when internet connection allows, I will be updating my journal with hopefully interesting tales from the road; and my Flickr account with images from my journey.

I hope all who visit will get involved by commenting on my posts and emailing me tips and advice on my route, where and what to eat, where to camp, that sort of thing.

Most importantly I hope you’ll be able to find a few quid to contribute to DARE, the charity I am supporting.

Many thanks in advance.

3 Responses to Dare to Ride – Edinburgh to Kenya by Bike

  1. Graeme Thom says:

    Hey John John!,
    I assume your all ready to go or i should hope you are, Hope you have a good time and come back in one piece :D

    Have fun,

  2. Natasha says:

    Good luck uncle Jonny natasha and daisy

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