Day 8 – Peterborough to Bishop’s Stortford

26 Jul 2011 Comments

Sunday 24th July – Peterborough to Bishop’s Stortford

On the road by 10.00 AM. I’m gradually getting earlier! Headed out of town towards and along a B road running right beside the A1. Very quiet and pretty flat. Stopped at a petrol station for supplies. It was right next to an Indian restaurant and a hotel, they all seemed to be the same company. Got chatting to an older Indian guy who asked me about my bike. Turns out he’s originally from Nakuru (kenya) but left there forty-five years ago.



At the end of this pleasantly quiet B road I jumped on to the A14 to get me past Huntingdon. Very bad idea. Although not designated as such it was, to all intents and purposes, a two lane motorway. Frantic pedalling along the hard shoulder, at at least twenty miles per hour, got me to the first exit and blessed relief from the juggernauts hurtling along faster than they should be going.

Negotiated Huntingdon’s inscrutable one-way system, then on to the A1198 towards Royston. Gentle hills turned into larger climbs, of course with the attendant downhills. My legs seem to be getting up the hills more easily now. There were sections of cycle path on the uphill bits of the road. Very bumpy and overgrown with trees, nettles and other weed type stuff but better than doing six miles an hour on a busy road.

Bishop's Stortford

Bishop's Stortford

Lots of coffee and a bacon and cheese baguette at Royston shored me up for the last twenty miles to Bishop’s Stortford. Arrived at about 6.30 PM. Paul cooked a great dinner and we sat and chatted about travelling and computers over a few bottles of beer.Paul very kindly gave me his bed and my head hit the pillow at about about midnight. Unconsciousness quickly followed.

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