Day 9 – Day Off in Bishop’s Stortford

R & R in Hertfordshire

Having a lazy day off at my cousin’s place in Bishop’s Stortford. Slept very late, dragging myself up at just after midday. Had a wander arund town an bought a few bits and bobs. Vegged about Paul’s flat and did a bit of stuff on the site. Chatted to my Kenyan based social media organiser who gave me my Twitter campaign instructions! Had a good webcam chat with Margi. Lovely big steak for dinner with a few bo9ttles of beer.

Bishop's Stortford

Bishop's Stortford

Booked an overnight ferry crossing for Wednesday, from Harwich to the Hook of Holland. I had to book a cabin but this was only a little more expensive than the camp-site in Harwich I was planning to spend the night in. I’ll be in Holland by 8.00 AM on Thursday morning.

As I’ve been pedalling through the UK, Africa has seemed further away than it ever has, as the enormity of the task ahead hits home. It also feels like the journey hasn’t actually started properly. Although I’ve been passing through parts of the country I’ve never been to before it still feels like I’m at home. Hopefully I’ll feel like I’m really on my way when I roll off the ferry on to those lovely flat Dutch roads.

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  1. Gordon Davies says:

    Had to seek advice from your sister as to how to get in touch , so hopefully we’re on the right track. You certainly seem to be,pretty good progress. How are the legs and the bum, not too aching I hope. I suppose the journey really begins now you’re in Europe, new pastures, new people, unfamiliar sites and a different side of the road on which to drive. It was good to see that you got escorted to the border, and I was more than impressed with the meal photo. amused by Rebecca’s who lives there? we’ll be seeing Paul next week. The nice thing about Dutch roads and paths is that they are flat but they don’t last very long, going by car you can be through Holland in about two hours, but germany isn’t too difficult until you get south. Now I know how to do it we,ll be in touch quite often albeit next week may be a blank both in charting your progress and contacting you as we’ll be in St Andrews pretty well all week, and thus without PC. Keep it up and enjoy it.


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