What is Dare to Ride

Dare to Ride is the online home of my cycling expedition from Edinburgh to Kenya. I’ll do my best to keep my journal full of fresh news and experiences whilst raising awarenes, and hopefully a bit of cash, for DARE, the charity I am supporting.

Who Are You?

Me frightening Maasai babies & children

Me frightening Maasai babies & children

I am Jonny Stevenson, a forty-two year old serial under-achiever and master procrastinator; who’s quite surprised he’s got this website up, let alone planning to cycle to Kenya. I live in Edinburgh with my partner Margi. She’d rather I wasn’t going on this trip, I’ll be away from her for quite a while. But she knows its important to me and is being very supportive. She still doesn’t want me to go though. I work as a waiter in Tempus Bar & Restaurant. My colleagues and friends there think I’m a bit mad to be doing this. They’re patient with me. They may even have me back on my return.

Why Are You Doing This Silly Thing?

I’d be lying if I said raising money for DARE was the major motivation behind this journey (although it is one of the main objectives). I want an adventure. What bloke doesn’t. And this seems to be quite a good way to get one. I also want a challenge. I’ve had a very comfortable and easy life, a stark contrast to the lives of many people I’ve met on my visits to Kenya. I love to travel but most travel today is about getting from A to B as quickly as possible. For me this trip is all about the journey and the people and experiences I’ll encounter along the road. The journey I make to Isiolo every year usually takes around sixteen hours. This one will take around sixteen weeks.

Why Kenya?

My best friend Emma started a charity in Kenya in 2005. DARE endeavours to help people help themselves out of poverty and avoid the aid trap. (If this sounds like a bit of hackneyed and cliched way to talk about development, we welcome you to come out to Kenya and experience the situation for yourself) I visit each year to help out. Its much more fun than a couple of weeks at the beach. There’s lots of sun, friendly people, spectacular scenery, cold beer and interesting local cuisine. Not forgetting the lions, elephants, giraffe, rhino, crocodiles, cheetah, leopards, baboons, hyenas and all sorts of other dangerous animals small and large.

Why By Bicycle?

An early practice session

An early practice session

Bicycle touring is a wonderful way to travel. You move quickly enough to cover a good distance each day but slowly enough to properly experience the environment you’re travelling through. My first cycle tour was the Camino de Santiago. A friend and I cycled from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela in summer 2005. I returned home feeling like I’d had the most relaxing holiday ever. I’d lost wieght; I had a healthy tan; the bags under my eyes had disappeared; I’d met cool people and seen wonderful places. I’d also come across Crazyguyonabike.com. If you don’t want to be inspired to get on your bike and travel the world don’t visit the site.

Tell Me More Stuff Please

I’d love to. Please ask me what you want to know. For those who are interested I’ve got details of my gear and equipment here. If you want to know about DARE, the charity I’m supporting, please go here. If you’d like to know anything else please get in touch.

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