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Days 42 to 46 – Serbia Pt. 1

Sunday 28th August – Roszke to Kikinda

Up and on the road in good time. I stopped at the service station just before the motorway, just to double check that there were no othere options. There weren’t. Read more

Days 34 to 41 – Hungary

Saturday 20th August – Pribeta to Budapest

As I was loading the bike Margi’s parents had got together some supplies for me. Several kilos of apples, plums, peppers and tomatoes as well as a box full of packets of prunes, sweets and bars of chocolate. Very kind but I couldn’t possibly carry all that extra weight. Read more

Days 30 to 33 – Slovakia

Tuesday 16th August – Orth to Komarno (then Pribeta)

Up at 8.00AM for breakfast. It was a buffet style affair so I helped myself to lots of bread, ham, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, bread and jam and a bowl of meuseli. Read more

Days 27 to 29 – Austria

Saturday 13th August – Inzell to Grein

The heavy rain started around 3.00 or 4.00AM. I just zipped up the tent and left the towel. I expect I’ll get it dry eventually. The rain had eased by the time I got up at 7.30AM. Half an hour later it stopped so I actually got out of the tent. Read more

Days 21 to 26 – Germany Part 2

Sunday 7th August – Rothenburg Day Off

The rain started hammering down at 6.00AM, about the same time the church bells must’ve woken god up early and pissed him off. Read more

Days 14 to 20 – Germany Part 1

Sunday 31st July – Monchengladbach to Mehlem nr. Bonn

Up at 8.30AM, still feeling pretty knackered. No breakfast at the hotel, its not served unless you book it on arrival. Read more

Days 11 to 13 – The Netherlands

07 Aug 2011 Comments

Thursday 28th July – Hook of Holland to Camp nr. Breda

The ship’s alarm call woke me at 6.00AM. Had a shower, an expensive breakfast then began the laborious task of packing. Read more

Day 10 – Bishop’s Stortford to Harwich

07 Aug 2011 Comments

Wednesday 27th July – Bishop’s Stortford to Harwich

Didn’t get up until 10.00AM this morning, check-in time for the ferry is not until 10.00PM, plenty of time, why not have a lie in. Read more

Day 9 – Day Off in Bishop’s Stortford

R & R in Hertfordshire

Having a lazy day off at my cousin’s place in Bishop’s Stortford. Slept very late, dragging myself up at just after midday. Read more

Day 8 – Peterborough to Bishop’s Stortford

26 Jul 2011 Comments

Sunday 24th July – Peterborough to Bishop’s Stortford

On the road by 10.00 AM. I’m gradually getting earlier! Headed out of town towards and along a B road running right beside the A1. Very quiet and pretty flat. Read more

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