What Stuff Am I Taking?

This is the part of the site that will be of most interest to other cycle touring types. I’ve certainly spent a huge amount of time on the equivalent pages on the sites of many intrepid long-distance cyclists.

I’ll start off with just the fundamental items in each category and, closer to my departure, will try and publish my definitive kit list. Again this will hopefully be of interest to other cyclists.

The Bike & Stuff Attached to It

The most important piece of equipment, my transport. I chose the hefty Thorn Raven Nomad Mk II, a bike built for the tough job ahead. What tyres, racks, luggage, wheels are atached to the bike can be found here.

Camping Equipment

My home for the journey is an Exped Auriga Mesh; not too heavy, reasonably hard wearing and airy enough for the hot climates I’ll be passing through. For all the gen on the rest of my camping kit go here.


Not the most exciting thing to write about. However, the right clothes can make a big difference to how comforable or miserable you are during a long hot, or indeed wet, day in the saddle. Couture details here.

Computers, Gadgets & Cameras

These days its pretty much obligatory to record your journey by all sorts of means. Laptop to update the blog; stills camera for the stunning vistas; video camera for stuff that moves; GPS so I and others can see where I’ve been. What am I taking and how will I power it all in the middle of the desert? Answers here.

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