Which Way Am I Going?

The route details below will likely be slightly adapted as I travel. I don’t yet know exactly how long each leg will take. I’ll replace the route descriptions with interesting statistics as I progress.

The Route

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United Kingdom

I’ll travel from Edinburgh to Hawrich and take a ferry to Holland or Belgium from there. Depending on the exact route the distance of this stage will be 450 – 500 miles. This is the start of the trip so I won’t yet be ‘road-fit.’ The UK also has quite a lot of hills.

Europe – West

Once past the easy cycling of the Low Countries I’ll head south east through Germany. I intend to pick up the Danube cycle route at Passau right down in the south eastern corner of Germany and follow the river to Vienna.

Europe – East

After Vienna comes Bratislava then Budapest, still following the Danube. The river, and myself, then head south towards Belgrade. After that the Danube wobbles to and fro along the Serbia-Romania border and the Romania-Bulgaria border. I’ll part company with the Danube somewhere in Bulgaria and start heading south towards Istanbul.

Middle East

Unfortunately I won’t be visiting Syria. The situation there seems to be worsening by the week. I’ll fly from Istanbul to Amman in Jordan. Bit of a cheat but I don’t think Syria is currently as hospitable as its reputation suggests. From Amman its south to Aqaba and a ferry across to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Then its a quick skip across the desert to Suez and on to Cairo.

Egypt to Sudan

From Cairo the navigation becomes much more straightforward. The road follows the Nile. All the way to Aswan where I get a ferry to Wadi Halfa, which is just inside Sudan. The road continues following the Nile all the way to Khartoum.

Sudan to Ethiopia

After Khartoum I head south then east towards the Ethiopian border. This is where the real hills begin. Ethiopia is not known as ‘The Roof of Africa’ for nothing. So its up and down all the way to Addis Ababa. Almost directly south of Addis is the town of Moyale, straddling the border with Kenya.


The home stretch! But not without complications. The tarmac ends on the Kenyan side of the border. Although the road from Isiolo has been being rebuilt over the last few years there’s still going to be a good few days of very rough, unpaved road. I’ve driven over this in a pick-up. Its not pleasant. There can also be problems with bandits but we won’t talk about it as my Mum might be reading this page. There’s only one road to take south, passing through Marsabit then on to Isiolo a cold Tusker and a long lie in.

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